A podcast from do-gooders Dave Thompson and George Andriopoulos for lovers of dad jokes and good storytelling. Hilarious conversations about life, pop-culture, parenting and more. Occasional guests and (alleged) bits. Dad bods are recommended, not required, for optimal listening.

July 14, 2021

Father’s Day…Rap Battle Style

A PACKED Episode 8 of the Over My Dad Bod (cast) and we can't wait for our listeners (a group which does not include our wives) listen! Just your average episode...George freestyle raps, we debut our new friend Simon the Misunderstood Australian, TikTok sensation and indie film actor Jason Crowe and his dad contribute with their dad joke of the day, Dave recounts his adventures in Florida attending an emergency wedding while drinking Liquid Death (not a sponsor...but should be) and more! Join us in our journey towards blah, blah, blah.

Hosted by "the do-gooder dads" Dave Thompson and George Andriopoulos.

Contributing on this episode: 

Simon Eldfield, the Misunderstood Australian

Jason Crowe and his dad with the #dadjokeoftheday

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